Standard Size Restaurant Tables

The standard size restaurant table is 300 square inches per individual. However, this is only a rule of thumb. The menu, decor and service style will influence the dimensions of the table. The seating style and ambience will also be factors.

Services and Spacing Guide

For pastries, coffee and tea, 150 sq in per person will be sufficient. For appetizers and finger food, 200 sq in per person will be enough. 250 square inches is recommended for sandwiches, salads and café food. For the traditional full meals, the 300 sq in rule is applied. For large dishes, pizza, and family style, 350 sq in is necessary.

Space Considerations for Aisles, Tables and Chairs

There are no standards. It all depends on the style and service. For café, fast food and bistro, only little spacing is needed. If the restaurant is formal or serves family style meals, more space will be required.

Seldom used aisles between tables must be 24 in minimum. The standard aisle width is from 36 to 42 inches. The space between the restaurant chair backs can be from 22 to 36 inches. These are based on standard size chairs. If castored or big swivel chairs are being used, more space will be needed.

Using the Right Table Dimensions

Besides the standard size restaurant table, the amount of room the restaurant has is also crucial. Using the right combination can maximize profits and reduce customer waiting time. Do not use large tables in small restaurants. Large tables are those that seat eight people or more. It is better to use small tables.

If large parties arrive, you can always combine the tables. However, combining these tables could lead to some problems too. For example, you may end up joining a couple of four-seat tables to accommodate half a dozen guests.

Large Tables

Large tables work best in restaurants with plenty of room. Aside from family sized meals, they can also be used in special areas. As long as you have space, use large tables. Combining too many small tables can make customers uncomfortable.

Before setting up the table in public spaces, make sure you do some research first. Know the restrictions, regulations, local codes, safety standards etc.

For cafeteria lunchrooms and banquet, the standard size restaurant table can be used. However, the round table space has to be 54 inches minimum. If the tables are rectangular, the space has to be 24 inches for the service and 60 inches for the chairs.

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