Standard Computer Desk Dimensions

The standard computer desk dimensions are 20 inches or 52 cm high, 20 inches or 52 cm wide, 24 inches or 60 cm deep at the foot level and 17 inches or 44 cm deep at the knee level. If you are going to buy one, here are a few suggestions to keep in mind.

The Computer Desk Depth

Of course the desk must be large enough to accommodate the monitor, mouse and other peripherals you want to put on it. Second, make sure the desk is deep. It should be deep enough to keep the monitor at least 24 inches from your eyes. 30 inches should be deep enough for the average monitor and keyboard. But if you are using a large keyboard, you’ll need a bigger desk.

Computer Desk Height

Whether you use standard computer desk dimensions or not, it will help if the height can be adjusted. The amount it can be adjusted varies, but the higher the number, the better. This is extremely important. It will allow you to work more comfortably.

Space Considerations

The width should be enough to hold everything you plan to put on the desk. There should also be some room for papers, documents and a few folders. The storage space below is also important.

This is where the CPU, power supply and other components are kept. It would also be nice if the desk had drawers you can store folders, CDs and other materials. The desk must also provide you with sufficient leg room.

Custom Built Computer Desks

There are companies that specialize in custom made desks. If you or your company needs specific types of desks, this is something you may want to consider. The cost of these services will vary so have a look around. The best place to search is online.

What Desk Should I Choose?

It depends on your needs and the space you have. If you really need to save money, you can use any table or desk. However, you need to make sure the desk is strong enough to hold the monitor, CPU and the other peripherals.

It must also be strong enough to support all that weight. One of the problems with using an ordinary furniture desk is that the height cannot be adjusted.

Remember that the standard computer desk dimensions are not applicable to everyone. That is why it is important that you get one that can fit your requirements.

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