Band Saw Sizes


The band saw size is one of the things that a buyer ought to consider prior to making a purchase. The dimensions you will have to use depends on what kind of work you do. 

For Hobbyists

If you only work on small projects, the 14 inch band saw will be sufficient. This size won’t take up too much space and is very affordable. They also have guides if you need to do curve cuts. Adjusting the settings is also pretty easy. 

The 14 inch stand model can also be used by those in the woodworking business. A lot of these band saws have a miter gauge which can be used in many ways. 

18 Inch Band Saw Size 

These are suitable for larger woodworking projects. These saws can cut more smoothly and are more powerful (up to 2 HP). The frames have more resistance. Aside from the miter gauge, they also come with other accessories. 

16 Inch Band Saws

If the 18 inch is too big but the 14 inch is too small, this size could be what you are looking for. These are medium size saws that should suit the serious home hobbyist. This size is good enough for the large projects but can also handle complex tasks. 

Facts about the Band Saw

It is a type of power saw equipped with a toothed metal strip. This strip moves in a nonstop loop on 3 wheels. These are often utilized at home workshops. As stated earlier, they can be used to produce different kinds of cuts. 

As a rule, the narrow blades are ideal for curved cuts and the wide blades for straight cuts. These features make the band saw more flexible compared to the table saw. Its flexibility allows the band saw to create detailed trimming. It should be noted that the band saw is not adept at slicing dados. You are better off using a router. 

The band saw however, can be used for slicing tenons. The tenons are the sections on the wood made to fit in an opening. Two types of band saws are available: the mounting and standing types. The mounting saw can be set on a stand. The standing saw is a lot larger. 

The band saw sizes specified here are the most likely ones you will come across. But there are other specifications available. Try searching on the Web for other band saw types. 

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