Size of a Punch Down Tool

The dimensions of the punch down tool are not standardized. Some tools measure 5.35 in x 1.06 in x 1.06 in and weigh 4.69 oz. Others have dimensions of 5.25 in x 1.26 in x 1.26 in, 7.00 in x 2.02 in x 2.02 in and so on. Their weights also vary. 
General Characteristics 
The tool is also known as the krone or punchdown tool. The krone is derived from ADC KRONE, the wiring systems manufacturer. It is a device utilized by network technicians and those in telecommunications. It is used for terminating cable runs. 
The same tool can be used for cross-connecting jumpers on 66 blocks, 110 blocks and patch panels. Majority of these are of the impact variant. It is made up of a slotted blade, an internal spring mechanism and a handle. 
There are also light variants available. These do not have the impact features present in their more expensive counterparts. 
Whatever the dimensions of the punch down tool are, usage is the same. A wire is placed at the slotted post on the punch down block. It is pushed down on the post and wire top. This necessitates pressure. A snap will be heard and the wire will be stripped off. There will be contact when it is placed in the post. 
110 blocks, krone blocks and 66 blocks need other kinds of blades. The double ended type comes with an end that puts in the wire. The other one is placed and trimmed on the other side for post termination. The 110 and 66 blocks have plastic insulation. These function like an anvil against which the edge functions. 
There are many types available and have different features. The good ones will have reversible blades. This can be handy in many instances. It is also important for the blade to fit in properly. The tool must also be robust. Some people also find very strong springs difficult to use. 
If the spring is too strong, the block may get broken. In some cases, over 25 lbs of pressure will be required. If the spring is not to your liking, it may be replaced. With some tools though, dis-assembly may be needed. 
As the facts show, the dimensions of the punch down tool are not the same. But while they are crucial, the spring and other elements are also vital. If you haven’t used one before, some practice will be needed. 

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