Construction Trucks Sizes

Construction trucks can refer to any type of truck that is used in building, construction, roadwork and other similar projects. This means the construction truck dimensions will vary. The following are some of the most well known construction trucks available.

Dump Trucks

Dump trucks have different payload capacities, with some at 8 tons and others at 16 tons or much greater than that. It is the size of the truck that will determine the payload capacity of the vehicle. The greater the payload required, the more horsepower is needed.

The typical dump truck is made up of a truck cab and chassis. The bed is connected to the chassis. The bed can be lowered or raised using a hydraulic mechanism. Dump trucks are available in several variants, such as the articulated dump truck. The articulated dump truck is particularly suited for carrying loads over rough terrain. The hinge is situated between the bed and the cab. Hydraulic rams are used to steer and pivot the cab.

Crane Trucks

These are used to lift and lower various materials and objects. The lifting capacity of the cranes ranges from 15 tons to over 1,000 tons.

To determine which construction truck dimensions are required will depend on the load to be carried and the area that can be reached. Even though these vehicles are slow, their ability to carry various objects makes them a valuable addition to the construction project.

Bucket Trucks

Bucket trucks are utilized to carry workers to high and difficult to access areas and locations. These are often used in place of ladders as they are very convenient.

Bucket trucks are used widely in construction, working on power lines and trimming trees. The bucket trucks are equipped with a cab where the operator handles the controls. It also has a crane like arm with a bucket at the end. This is where the individual being transported is located. The bucket also has a storage area where utilities may be kept.

Some bucket trucks also have protection against rain or sun. The size of these bucket trucks will depend on what it will be used for. The lift height can range from 15 ft to over 120 ft.

What the facts show is that the construction truck dimensions will depend on the type. In some construction projects, only one type may be needed. In most instances though, many kinds of construction trucks will be required.

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