Stretch Limo Dimensions

Dimensions of a stretch limo are typically measured by the number of people they can carry. The stretch limos vary from 6, 8, 10 to 12 or greater passenger capacity levels.

The Hummer Limo

One of the most popular stretch limousines today is the Hummer Limo. The specs vary depending on the rental service, but a lot of them are between 30 to 33 ft (around 11 meters) long. The weight can go up to 5 tons. The Hummer limos make use of truck tires and typically have tinted windows.

The design varies, with some black, others white and some incorporating a theme (.e. tiger stripes on the limo body). The dimensions of a stretch limo (the biggest ones) have room for up to 18 people.

The accessories are numerous. Hummer limos usually come with plasma TVs, DVD players, communications facilities, etc. Other Hummer limos include karaoke systems, stereo, numerous lighting effects, bars and many more.

How Stretch Limos are Made

Although the specs differ, the stretching process is the same: the average size vehicle (be it a Hummer, Ford, Chrysler etc) is sliced in half. Additional components are added until it reaches the desired length. In some cases the car may have to be converted to right hand or left hand drive.

The stretch limo may have 5 tail shafts, air conditioners, heaters, alternators etc. Some high end models are equipped with rear end cameras to make reversing easy. The dimensions of a stretch limo determine the fuel tank size, although 10 L is not uncommon.

Historical Background

The earliest stretch limos were made in 1928 by the Armbruster Coach Company. The early models were used to transport musicians and their equipment. Over time other cars were converted to limos.

Still among the most fashionable options are Bentley, Cadillac, Jaguar, Mercedes Benz and Rolls Royce. In the US, the most popular choices are the Hummer, Cadillac Escalade, Cadillac DTS, and the Lincoln Town Car.

Limo Rental Services

Limo rental services are used for weddings, bachelor parties, proms and parties. It’s also used for birthdays, cruising around town or airport transport service. The stretch limos services are also employed for special company events.

The dimensions of a stretch limo have to be considered if you’re getting one of these services. Before contacting a rental service, figure out the number of people going with you. You’ll have to specify the number of hours you’re going to use it, the occasion (birthday, wedding etc) and the traveling distance.

In other words, you must inform the service what you want, where and when. You can also specify what extras to include. For example, for a wedding, flowers may be added. For a party, drinks may be included instead. Be sure to notify the service if you’re bringing a disabled person so proper arrangements can be made.

One thing needs to be said about the price: these services charge by the hour. Aside from the dimensions of a stretch limo, the accessories and occasion will determine the price.

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