Sizes of Car Alarms

Car alarm sizes are not the same because their features and function differ. Some units have dimensions of 5 x 5 x 7.2 inches. But this isn’t always the case. Some are 8 x 7 x 10.2 inches or even bigger.


These alarms are designed to generate sounds in case there is an attempt to steal the car. The signals generated by these devices are unique. Some will sound a horn, while others will utilize sirens.

In some instances, the alarm will relay a signal to another receiving system. This may consist of a computer or something similar. While car alarm sizes are diverse, they are generally divided into two types: aftermarket and factory installed devices.

Factory Installed Devices

This is also called the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) device. As the name suggests, these alarms were built in by the manufacturer. Many of these have sensors in the door. These can sense when the car door is being opened.

Aftermarket Devices

These refer to all alarms that are added following the purchase of the vehicle. Because technology is evolving rapidly, their features are increasing. The following are some examples.

Viper 3002

The Viper 3002 has several features that can protect any car. These include the Failsafe Starter Kill, Revenger six-tone siren and DoubleGuard shock sensor. There is also a keyless entry feature. The Viper 3002 uses LEDs on the remote for instant command confirmation.

Crimestopper SP-200

The Crimestopper SP-200 has several features that can be programmed. The device has two remote transmitters, two-way data ports. This makes simpler installation and defends against code grabbing. Visual and audible arm and disarm are also built in.

Other features included are dome light illumination-board relay for flashing lights and arm/disarm chirps. There is also carjack protection and alarm pre-warning signal.

Considerations for Buyers

These are just some of the features you can expect to find in anti-car theft systems today. While they all sound very impressive, it’s imperative to do some research first.

What kind of features do you need? All those extra accessories can jack up the price. Study all the options first. Reading some online reviews will also help. These can aid you spot flaws in these devices.

The car alarm sizes are not as important as the efficiency of the device. What you want is a system that will trigger off at the right time. Note that some systems go off too quickly and inadvertently.

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