Scroll Saw Sizes

The scroll saw is a type of electric table saw. There are variations in the design, but it is most distinguished for the foot pedal used to operate it.

Scroll Saw Sizes

These saws are available in several sizes. Majority of the blades sold are 12.7 cm or 5 inches long. There is no standard as far as blade width is concerned. However, 1/8 inch (.3175 cm) is becoming popular.

It should be stated that the dimensions of a scroll saw are referred to by the throat. The throat is the section between the motor and the blade. The motor is usually located at the back of the machine.

The bigger the throat, the larger the wood pieces it can handle. Majority of hobbyist scroll saws have throats 12 inches (30.48 cm) long. If you are looking for scroll saw sizes for industrial use, expect the throat to be 36 inches long. Some may be even longer than this; it will depend on the manufacturer.

Scroll Saw Design

The standard scroll saw has a narrow, straight, fine toothed blade. These saws are made for cutting curves and complex patterns. They cannot be used for heavy duty work.


Two basic variants are available: the C-arms and the parallel arm. The parallel arm is fitted with two arms that each possesses a pivot point. The pivots allow the arm to flex and bend. The upper arm runs parallel to the bottom while the bottom arm is connected to the motor. Both arms are linked at the rear. They function in tandem.

The C-arm scroll saw is fitted with one pivot point at the top arm. It has another arm, but it is fixed. When the motor moves the arm, the blade will make an arc. The blade and arm move in an up and down manner.

Which Scroll Saw Type is Better?

Many users prefer the parallel scroll saw because it can produce finer slices with greater precision. However, it can be slow to use. The C-arm is quicker but it may produce undercuts when working with thick wood. But seasoned users can work around these problems. Many experienced people prefer this tool for its speed.

The scroll saw sizes and types mentioned here are the most common ones. Many other variants exist. If you search online, you will come across scroll saws with different specs. Study each piece before deciding to buy it.

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