Sliding T Bevel Sizes


There are several sliding T bevel sizes so the needs of different users can be accommodated. There are sliding T bevel units that are 9 inches long. Others are 8 inches or 10 inches long. If you shop online, you will come across other sizes as well. 

What is the Sliding T Bevel?

This is a gauge used for configuring and transferring angles. The handle is usually constructed of plastic, but wood is also used. This is joined to the steel blade. It will also have a wing nut or thumbscrew. The attached blade can be pivoted and fixed at any angle. This can be done by loosening or tightening the thumbscrew.

Use and Application 

While the sliding T bevel sizes differ, the tool is used in the same way. The bevel is utilized for angle duplication. It can also be set to a preferred angle by utilizing it with other measuring devices like a combination square, protractor or framing square. 

The tool can also be used in woodworking projects. One of its most useful features is being able to simulate a square. The short end may also be adjusted. The tool can also be used to gauge angles of a dovetail joint. 

How to Use the Sliding T Bevel 


  • Measured angle
  • Angle to transfer
  • Protractor
  • Angle to measure
  • T-bevel

Step 1

Unlock the T bevel thumbscrew. Move the T bevel all over until the required angle is attained. 

Step 2

Set a measured angle using the protractor as a guide. Put the protractor in the T bevel. Lock the T bevel into position with the thumbscrew or wing nut. 

Step 3

Put the T bevel on the wood where the angle will be set. Mark this wood. 

How to Transfer Angles 

Step 1

Unlock the T bevel thumbscrew and put the T bevel on the angle you wish to replicate. Make adjustments to the bevel so it aligns with the angle. 

Step 2

Lock the T bevel using the thumbscrew. Position the T bevel on the work piece you want to put the angle in. Mark it. 

Tips for Buyers 

These tools have the same basic features, but some have extra features. For example, there are some sliders with rulers. This can be handy in some situatinos. Determine if you need this feature. 

Aside from the sliding T bevel sizes, you should also check the craftsmanship of the device. A well made T bevel will last for years, making it a good investment. 

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