What is the Size of a Vegetable Chopper?

A vegetable chopper is a wonderful kitchen aid as it helps you with cutting down your vegetables and fruits into pieces, mincing them even, without you having to worry about getting cuts on your fingers or working double time just so you’ll have your meals ready on time.

What is the Size of a Vegetable Chopper?

A vegetable chopper works in much the same way as a food processor with regards to chopping vegetables. The big difference lies in their sizes. A vegetable chopper is considerably smaller and less bulky than a food processor.

What Sizes Do Vegetable Choppers Come In?

Vegetable choppers, although they differ slightly in dimensions, come in sizes that make them easy to store in kitchen cabinets or left on the kitchen table without crowding up the space.

What is the Size of a Vegetable Chopper Commonly Found in the Market Today?

One of the most common sizes for vegetable choppers that you can see in most kitchen supply stores is one that has the following dimensions: 4 inches in diameter by 8 inches in height.

However, if you want a size that is just less than an inch bigger in diameter but is of the same height; you can find one that has a diameter of 4.75 inches and 8 inches high.

For “What is the size of a vegetable chopper?” that is slightly taller and wider in diameter, there is also a model that you can find in this size: 9.5 inches in height by 4.8 inches in diameter.

Mini Vegetable Chopper

There is likewise a smaller version of the regular-sized vegetable choppers and these are commonly used for chopping garlic, shallots and other smaller vegetables.

What is the Size of a Vegetable Chopper That is Ideal for Smaller Vegetables?

A mini veggie chopper may come in dimensions of 3 inches in diameter by 3.75 inches in height. This size makes it easy for you to store your mini chopper in one of your kitchen drawers together with your other kitchen gadgets.

Type of Vegetable Choppers

Apart from knowing the answer to “What is the size of a vegetable chopper?” one other thing that you may want to consider is the type of veggie chopper that you want to get.

Basically, your two options are: manual and electric.

With an electric chopper, you simply have to put your vegetables inside the chopper and turn on the power knob. With a manual type, you will have to push the chopper knob yourself until all your veggies are chopped or minced.

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