Size of a Hula Hoop

Using hula hoop for your exercise makes the habit of getting into a physical activity such an enjoyable experience. For people who want to have fun while getting fit, hooping is a nice option.

The use of hula hoop has been around for so many thousand years, back to the ancient times of Old Greece and Egypt. But it was in the 1950s when the popularity of hoops or hula hoops became full circle.

The hula hoop is usually considered as a young girl’s toy. Children love to play with the hoop using their limbs, their waits, and their necks. In this modern time, however, the use of hula hoop became even more popular as an exercise equipment than a regular toy. Instructional videos are dime a dozen, displaying several ways of using the hoop to your fitness’ advantage.

Size of a Hula Hoop

If you are ready to immerse in this kind of activity, there is one important think you must pay attention to. That is, choosing the right size of hoop.

The average size of a hula hoop for children is about 28 inches in diameters. For teenagers, the average size is 36 inches while for adults, the size is a bit bigger at 40 inches. Those sizes are good enough for people to perform hoop exercises or what others call hoop-dance.

But wait, that’s not all. There are also different hula hoop sizes in between those standard sizes. That is, to give allowances for different body measurements. If you are an oversized child, you could opt for a size that measures 30 inches in diameters rather than the average 28. Plus size adults will do better with a 44-inch hula hoop than a 40-inch one.

Size Matters

In terms of hula hoops, size does matter. A bigger hula hoop rotates slower while a smaller hula hoop rotates faster. If you are just a newbie in this form of exercise, you can opt for a slightly bigger size than what is required so as to have room for learning the hoops, so to speak. As you go up the skill level of hooping or hoop-dancing, you can easily switch to a smaller, more appropriate size.

More Than a Fitness Regimen

Did you know that there is an annual event dedicated to hooping? Well, now you know! The World Hoop Day is a yearly even that was started in 2007. In this event hoopers or those who perform hoop-dance performs in different cities and countries to raise money. The money that they will be able to raise will then be used to buy hoops for other who could not afford them.

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