How Big is a Soccer Goal?

The soccer goal is a crucial area in a soccer field as this is where the players score points. As for how big is a soccer goal, a goal post used for professional games measures 8 feet tall (2.44 meters) and 24 feet long (7.32 meters), and getting smaller by each preceding level. The goal line, which is the line towards which a team is trying to advance the ball, is usually at the soccer pitch area’s end.

The dimensions of the soccer goal are in accordance to the standard rule drawn from Law 1 of the game of soccer’s 17 laws, known as The Field of Play. Aside from the size of the goal, its location is an important matter, as well. The soccer goals are placed at the center of each goal line. A valid goal is made once the soccer ball has crossed the goal line positioned between the goal posts. In the event that a defending player interrupts the soccer ball’s course before it has entered the soccer goal, it could still be accepted as a valid goal as long as the player has followed the laws of the game properly and the referee does not see any offense committed.

The goal area surrounding the soccer goal is the most significant area in a winning goal score. The goal area is basically confined inside lines, which start 6 yards (5.5 meters) away from the goal posts, extending 18 yards (16.5 meters) to the field with the lines lying parallel to the area. This particular box is vital in determining foul play, finishing up for the opposing soccer team for a free kick via penalty kick from the penalty mark or spot. The penalty spot is situated directly in the center and in front of the soccer goal, adjoining the penalty area.

Going back to how big is a soccer goal itself; its dimensions are mainly determined, as previously stated, according to different levels. The same rules would also apply to the pitch. Soccer goals used for youth level games are typically 4.5 ft high x 9 ft wide. Goals that are used for middle school games are generally 6.5 ft high x 18 ft wide. The size of a soccer goal used for the high school level is practically the same as that used for professional soccer, as are the dimensions for the pitch. Interestingly enough, soccer goals that are used for the college level tend to be somewhat smaller than those for high school, measuring 7 ft high x 21 ft wide.

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