How Big is a Meat Carving Knife?

Carving meat is an all-important task that’s usually required during special dinners and family get-togethers. This is when special dishes like roasts, hams, turkeys, and other big chunks of meat are prepared. There’s no better company to have around when you are faced with such a task other than a meat carving knife.

Carving Meat Becomes Easy

The name already has it. The meat carving knife is ideal for carving meat, to enjoy beautiful slices every single time. It is ideal for cutting up hams and roasts and turkeys in style.

How big is a meat carving knife? The size range is about 8 inches to 15 inches, depending on how long you are comfortable to use. What matters is that your knife can easily do the deal without much fuss.

Meat Carving Tips

Aside from having a good knife, which can make or break your meat carving style, there are a few things you need to remember to make those perfect slices:

* Do not let yourself be pressured with time. Allow enough minutes between your preparation, cooking, and presentation so you will have enough time to do the carving. Also, you have to consider that you need to let the meat stand before you start slicing it.

* It is easier to have the carved meat ready before serving on the table rather than carving it on the table. Why? Well, you will have a smoother flow during dinner if the meat are laid down already and all that your guests need to do is to pick up a slice to much on.

* When carving the meat, make sure to save the juices. That can easily make for a special base on your sauce or is simply too precious to throw away. If you are carving on a chopping bard, make sure that you put it on top of a baking sheet so the drippings will collect there. Then it is easier to transfer the juices to another container.

* Along with your meat carving knife, a long fork is your best friend in doing your carving duties. Hold your knife with one hand and the fork on the other to keep the meat steady so you can make even thin slices of meat.

* Of course, remember to have a sharp knife on hand. All your efforts of cooking a beautiful dish will be ruined if your knife is not as sharp. Keep in mind that the key to having perfect slices of meat according to your desired thickness is in the knife.

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