Durations of Radio Advertising Slot

Above-the-line advertisements such as radio and television ads have been around for decades now. These ad placements are often utilized by companies who wish to promote specific products such as launches of new items, or special events.

Cost of advertising depends on the length of your ad placement and the spot where you want your ads inserted. Durations of Radio Advertising Slot vary, usually from ten seconds up to sixty seconds, although you may also wish to place ads on the radio that run longer.

Depending on your prepared spiel, you can choose anywhere from ten seconds, fifteen seconds, twenty seconds, thirty seconds, forty-five seconds or one minute.

Placing Radio Ads

When deciding whether or not to go with this form of advertising campaign, you have to be specific about the Durations of Radio Advertising Slot. This will help you come-up with a spiel or a script that will fit right into your chosen duration.

You may also choose between having a taped advertisement played at certain intervals or you may ask for a live read advertisement where the disc jockey on hand will read your spiel on the air during your specified time slots.

If you are looking into going with a ten-second spot from among all the available Durations of Radio Advertising Slot options, you might want to consider getting a live read instead of having a taped ad played.

Moreover, with a live read, you can also specify which type of background music will be playing. With a taped advertisement, you may have to come-up with your own background jingle, which would inevitably jack-up your advertising expenses.

Choosing Your Time Slot

Drive time is an ideal slot to place your radio ad spots. Rush hours in the morning and at night are usually the time slots that most advertisers select. People caught in traffic listen to the radio to while away the time and your radio spots will reach your target market more effectively this way.

However, you should know that these time slots are usually more expensive than other slots throughout the day. Plus, the cost could considerably rise depending on your preferred Durations of Radio Advertising Slot.

You should also check for the frequency of the spots per time frame. Usually, three hours are given per time frame so you have to determine how much the allowable frequency is for your spots to be aired.

Before you begin to choose the Durations of Radio Advertising Slot that you would want and the specific slots where you want your radio ads to be aired, you should first consider which audience demography you want to target.

Once you have determined your target audience and their listening pattern, you can now select from the available Durations of Radio Advertising Slot which one you think would best serve your purpose.

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