Sizes of Car Steering Wheel Accessories

The sizes of steering wheel accessories differ because there are various types being sold. The covers for these wheels have different dimensions, such as 15 x 1.5 x 15 inches and 13 x 2 x 13 inches. The dimensions of wheel knobs and locks will of course be different.

Why Covers are Necessary

Of the many accessories available for wheels, the covers are among the most important. It is used for concealing damaged, worn, ripped or torn wheels. No matter how carefully you handle the steering, it will get worn out over time.

If it is made of leather, it can get ripped from constant handling. In time, shreds of fabric will be left dangling from the wheel. Even wood steering gets worn out.

Benefits of Covers

The cover will protect the wheel from damage or hide it. It also makes the wheel look more stylish. You can also put these covers on new wheels. These will keep it from getting damaged.

Driver Control

Aside from the sizes of steering wheel accessories, a buyer must also consider the design of the cover. Many like to get a thick padded cover. These can make the wheel more comfortable to hold. This “full” feeling is especially suited for those who have large hands. This makes gripping easier.

While many of these covers are composed of strong material, they are not that flexible. Majority of covers have dimensions similar to the typical steering wheel. What little flexibility they have is just for putting the cover in place.

When the cover is set in place, it becomes rigid. This ensures the driver will have complete control over the wheel. This also limits the chances of slips.

Leather and Wood Steering Covers

Leather covers are noted for thickness and are nonslip. These are also sold in varying sizes. The wood covers are constructed from hardwood. These are big rings and can be clipped on the wheels. These are very durable. But they are hard to maneuver.

Reminders for Buyers

Always go for one that is ergonomically designed. This will make it easier to use over the long run. The price can range from the very low to the extremely high.

Whatever the sizes of steering wheel accessories you buy, make sure that it is of good quality. Unlike in the past, it is very easy to compare the prices. You just have to look it over on the Net.

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