Most Expensive Rolex

The most expensive Rolex watch is the Paul Newman Rolex Oyster Cosmograph “Daytona”. The watch was sold at Sotheby’s in June 2003 for $350,000. The watch was made in 1979. It has black sub-dials and a red dial. Rumors abound of a Rolex purchased at Selfridges, London for US $15 million. This has never been confirmed.

Price of Rolex Watches

Not all Rolex watches cost as much as the Paul Newman Rolex Oyster. However, these timepieces are expensive. It isn’t just because of the name, but also the quality. The cost will also depend on where you buy from. The condition of the watch (pre-owned, used etc) will
also affect the price.

If you buy the timepiece at a high-end jewelry store, expect to pay US$4,000 for a Rolex Air King. This is one of the more affordable models. The gold and platinum models will cost around US$19,000. The price does not get cheaper even if you buy the watch in Switzerland. The high end models can cost US$18, 0000-US$20,000.

Pre-owned Rolex Watches

If you can’t afford the most expensive Rolex watch, there are pre-owned watches available. Again the prices will vary, but this will give you some ideas. A Rolex President Men's Day Date 18k Gold Watch can cost $7999. The Rolex Yacht-Master SS Platinum Face can retail for $5,000. The Ladies Rolex President 18k Yellow Gold may sell for $6500.

Used Rolex Watches

A Rolex Cellini 18 k Gold Watch can be purchased for $1300 while Rolex Ladies 2T 18k/SS Datejust Diamonds may fetch for $2795.

Buying Pre-owned or Used Rolex Watches

One of the best places to look for used and pre-owned Rolex watches is the Internet. There are GMT Master II watches that sell for US$4,500. There are also 18-carat yellow gold Lady DateJust for less than US$4,000. There are many online auction sites, so you will have plenty to choose from.

Tips and Warnings

No matter where you buy a Rolex, always get the serial number, warranty and certificate of authenticity. This is the only way to make sure the watch is genuine.

There are many fake Rolexes and they can be difficult to spot. One more thing: there is no such thing as a bargain or cheap Rolex. A cheap Rolex is very likely fake.

Even though the most expensive Rolex watch costs a tidy sum, enthusiasts do not hesitate to pay the amount. Not only is the watch a thing of beauty, but it can also be considered an investment.

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