Bike Dimensions

Bikes today come in all sizes and shapes, from rugged mountain bikes to those made for children learning to ride for the first time. Here are just some of the models on sale today.

Bike Dimensions: GMC Topkick Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike

The GMC Topkick dual-suspension mountain bike measures 52 x 27 x 7.5 inches. It has a 26-inch full-suspension frame and Zoom CH-386 suspension fork (65 mm travel). The seat post measures 27.2 x 300 mm and the saddle is padded.

The handlebar specs are W: 600 mm, R: 30 mm. The stem is 100 mm (A-head TDS63K-8), while the tires are Kenda. The rims measure 26 x 1.5 inches and are black. The GMC Topkick has 160 mm disc brakes and GP 30 AP brake levers.

The shocks can be modified up to 650 lbs while the crank set is ISA 335P, 28/38/4, alloy. The shifters are Microshift TS-50 ADII index L3/R7.

Bike Dimensions: Pacific Tuscon

The Pacific Tuscon mountain bike has 1.95-inch tires and 26 inch wheels. The bike has dual suspension and fitted with hi-tensile frame. The bike also has linear pull brakes for the front and rear and comes with multi-speed shifters for better control.

The Pacific Tuscon can be used on the street and on trails. The seat has a quick release feature. This allows you to adjust the seat to the level you are most comfortable with. The steel frame is resistant to rust and it comes with a three piece crank.

Bike Dimensions: Schwinn Prelude Men’s Road Bike

The Schwinn Prelude men’s road bike has 27 inch wheels and the frame is made of resilient aluminum. It also has the Shimano A050 7-speed shifter so you can make adjustments easily when biking down or uphill.

The brakes are Promax dual-pivot caliper so you are assured of stopping power. The front toe clips and straps are radial laced. The bearings are designed to stay put even with minimum maintenance while the chain rings can be replaced.

The shifters can be used even without your hands leaving the bars. The bike can fit people from 5′ 9" to about 6′ 2". This is also ideal as a bike for beginners.

Bike Dimensions: Mongoose Strike Boy’s BMX Bike

The Mongoose Strike Boy’s BMX bike has 20 inch wheels and 2 inch tires. The bike is designed for kids 6 to 12 years of age. The frame is handcrafted and made of steel. It has caliper brakes for the rear and front and has a couple of axle pegs.

Because of the high tensile frame, the bike can be used on both streets and trails. The large tires ensure the bike will move easily on various surfaces. The quick release seat makes it easy to adjust for kids with varying heights. It has a one piece crank and 48 spoke rims.

The bike dimensions and specs provided here are just samples. Other bikes will have different specs depending on the features, so go over the product description carefully before you buy.

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