Basketball Court Measurements

The following are the basketball court measurements used in high school, college and the NBA. Needless to say, variations exist around the world.

Court Length and Width

The length used in professional games is 94 feet (1128 inches). In college and high school games it is 84 feet. The width used in professional sports is 50 feet (600 inches). This is also used in college hoops.

Size of a Basketball Rim

The rim top has to be 10 feet (120 inches) elevated from the ground, while the diameter is 18 inches. The distance from the back of the rim to the backboard is 6 inches. The backboard is 3.5 feet (42 inches) and 6 feet (72 inches) wide.

In simple terms, the rim’s front is two feet from the backboard, 6 inches of which is the metal attaching the rim to the backboard. The other 18 inches is the rim.

Other Basketball Court Measurements

From the free throw line to the backboard, the distance is 15 feet (180 inches). Because the rim projects outward, the real distance from the free throw line to the rim’s front is 13 ft. However, this doesn’t include the elevation factor.

The Key

The key measures 19 feet (228 inches). This is from the free throw line to the baseline out of bounds. From across the lane, the key is 12 feet (144 inches) wide.

The Three Point Area

The distance is not the same from the center rim if you will be shooting at different areas of the court. The reason is the three point line starts with a straight line but will curve. After the curve begins, the distance will remain the same along the arc. In the NBA, the straight line is 14 feet (169 inches).

In college basketball, the straight line is 5.25 feet (63 inches). When the arc starts, the distance is 19.75 feet (19 feet 9 inches, or 237 inches) in college and high school. In the NBA it is 23.75 feet (23 feet, 9 inches, or 285 inches). On the baseline it is 22 ft (264 inches).

Key Markings

The blocks are 8 inches deep and 12 inches wide. There are three tabs in the sides which are 8 inches deep and 2 inches wide. From the baseline to the block it is 7 feet.

The basketball court measurements given here are the US and international standards. Other court sizes may be used in other countries and tournaments however.

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