How Big is an Ice Chest?

Ice chest dimensions are often measured in quarts. There are chests and coolers measuring 28 quarts, 62 quarts, 10 quarts and so on. These are also called ice coolers.

Uses and Features

The portable coolers are very popular because they can be carried around. The compact dimensions make them ideal for campers and hikers. They can also be used when tailgating or when you are out on a picnic. Many coolers have wheels so they are even more convenient.

Several coolers are designed for use at the park or the beach. They will have space for beverages and food. The wheeled versions have all-terrain wheels. However, the ice chest dimensions are not indicative of how long they can keep ice cold. If you are just going out on a picnic, this won’t be an issue. But if you are camping for a few days, it will be.

The better coolers can maintain ice for up to five days. You also have to consider how much room they have for drinks. The bigger coolers are bulky but they have more room for beverage cans. A small cooler is easier to carry along, but they have less room for drinks.


Many coolers are made from plastic. Not all plastics are equal, so make sure the plastic does not get dent or scratched easily. Durability is definitely going to be factor if you go out a lot. The quality cooler will also have easy cleanup and draining features. The robustness of the chest becomes even more important if you are going to use it on a boat.

Fishermen will need a chest that can withstand dents, peeling and rusting. It must also be able to withstand chipping, fading and warping. The extra strong coolers are strong enough to endure surf water, sand and sun.

These features may seem like overkill if you are just going on a picnic. But if you bring it with you when fishing, these qualities are necessary. The coolers must also be odor and stain resistant.

Other Considerations

Ice coolers meant for heavy duty use should have support for extra weight. On some coolers, the lid is strong enough to function as an additional seat. You may also want coolers with detachable food trays.

Aside from adequate ice chest dimensions, look for those with an insulated box. This helps in keeping food and drinks dry. Remember that extra features can bring the price up. You have to decide if those extras are worth it.

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