How Big is a Barbecue Mitt?

There are so many problems that may arise when you are grilling, especially if you are not properly equipped. Yes, we are talking about the barbecue mitt. It is a protective glove that can save your day grilling your favorite food without hassle.

Barbecue Troubles

Many cooks, even expert ones have faced a couple of troubles during a date with the grill. It is common for anyone to the drop the chops through the grill or even have the kebab stick sticking to the rack. Worse, they cannot lay down a hand on ruined food because the least they could suffer from is burned fingers – another common disaster that you may encounter while barbecuing.

For all those barbecue troubles, there is one convenient answer: a barbecue mitt. Much similar to an oven mitt, a barbecue mitt is a glove made of fabric filled with some cotton batting. Currently, there are also high tech barbecue mitts being sold in the market. Instead of cloth, they are made with a food grade silicone material, which is definitely safe to use around food. With it on, you will never have to worry again about getting a burned skin or not being able to pick the food if your utensils cannot hold it efficiently.

With a reliable barbecue mitt, you can take control of your grilling and manage your barbecued food in a more efficient manner. Cooking steaks and burgers and chops and hotdogs and whatnots will be a breeze because you will no longer need a utensil to flip and turn. You can slowly and carefully handle them your own so you can keep watch on how undercooked they still are.

Aside from its use during your every grilling session, the barbecue mitt will also work as an oven mitt as an oven mitt can also work the other way. The newest version that just recently invaded the market can even help you dip your hands to pick boiled corns from a pot without getting burned. You no longer have to worry about peeling off the skin of hot eggs because your hands will not burn. This particular type of barbecue mitt is also dishwasher safe. That’s all because it is not only fireproof and heatproof but also waterproof and oh so powerful. It is called the Grill Glove.

How big is a barbecue mitt? Well, it cannot be bigger or smaller than your regular oven mitt. As the standard size for oven mitts is 7 x 10 inches, expect to find barbecue mitts with the same dimensions.

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