How Big is a Food Processor?

Food preparation can take up a lot of your precious time if you are not equipped with proper machines and gadgets that will make life easier for you. Food processor is an example of a kitchen machine that could save you time and effort preparing food to cook. They are quite versatile and useful, compact and powerful. You would not worry about counter or storage space because you can easily find a sleek unit that will fit right in.

The Basics

The basic idea behind food processors is to make slicing and chopping and kneading and other similar tasks much simpler and easier to accomplish. For it, a food processor with a powerful motor and a work bowl has been developed.

Food processors come in many different sizes. If you are frequently cooking for a large crowd, it would be ideal to own a good size, which can accommodate 11 to 20 cups of food at a time. The extra large capacity is ideal for those who are in the catering or restaurant business. But it could also make for a suitable unit to those who like hosting parties. If you are running a pretty small household with five to six family members, you can easily make do with a mid-sized food processor, which can carry as much as seven to ten cups of food. The smallest food processor variety, which is in a different class altogether, is ideal for homemakers who usually cook for two. They are compact and can accommodate between four and six cups of food.

With an efficient food processor, preparing bowls of guacamole, slicing whole fruits and vegetables, chopping an entire bag of nuts, or shredding a full cabbage head would not be a problem.

Tips and Tricks

Aside from knowing the perfect size to buy, it is also advisable that you learn to work your way through your food processor. Here are some useful tips:

* Food processors usually have the same set of controls. You will mostly find a button each for ON and OFF options. Whether your unit is in an electronic panel or a simple switch, clicking or pushing the button would certainly deliver the same result.

* If there is an added button, that would be for an additional feature. Make sure that you read your unit’s manual first to learn how to use it.

* Check out your product’s warranty. Some come with one to two years of warranty while other, high end units may come with a three-year limited warranty.

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