How Small is a Pepper Spray?

Pepper spray sizes are often measured in oz. Some of the most common are 30 oz, 40 oz, 45 oz and 50 oz. While the physical dimensions differ, they are small enough to fit in bags.


These sprays are designed to be non-lethal forms of self-defense. To use, you just spray it in the face of the assailant. The spray has a powerful effect on the mucous membranes. This makes the eyes dilate so much the person becomes temporarily blind.

The bronchial tube tissue lining swells up. This deprives the attacker of oxygen, allowing you to escape. The spray affects the lungs, nose, throat and eyes. The duration depends on the pepper spray size. On the average, the effect is good for up to 90 minutes.

Other Benefits

The spray is inflammatory in nature. This means it can have effects on drug addicts and inebriated persons. The spray is also useful against hostile creatures. That is the reason why mail carriers usually have one of these. People who jog by rural trails will also want to bring one along. This can be used as protection against muggers or wildlife.


The main ingredients are hot cayenne peppers. The active component is oleoresin capsicum (OC). Those that have 2-10% of OC incapacitate quicker than those with greater concentrations. Some models have indelible dye. This is used to mark the assailant.

Mace and Pepper Spray

Pepper is an inflammatory agent, but tear gas and mace are not. They are considered irritants. The spray can be legally bought OTC in most states. Check with the authorities just to be sure.

Other Benefits

The spray is most effective against attacks from 8 to 20 feet. Some sprays are small enough to fit on a key chain. They are also cheap and can be bought easily. They are very easy to use. While painful, the effect is not permanent.


The biggest disadvantage is a strong breeze. If the wind is blowing hard, it is possible the spray may reverse course and hit you. You should also remember how to use the lock trigger. Learn in well. There is also the chance of an accidental discharge. Keep in mind that aerosol sprays may explode if the weather gets too hot.

No matter what the pepper spray sizes are, they are considered very dependable. Just remember that these devices expire after about four years. An expired spray lacks potency, so get a new one.

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