How Small is a Vegetable Peeler?

Preparation of ingredients usually takes a longer time than the process of cooking itself. That’s why when different cooking tools and gadgets were developed, many cooks had an easier time around the kitchen.

One of the wonder tools that cooks had raves about is the vegetable peeler. It is a small, handy tool that can be used to peel anything from carrots to potatoes and other vegetables. It is also useful in shaving cheese and zest from citrus fruits.

Different Sizes, Different Styles

The size of the vegetable peeler depends on the type, the brand, and model. There are many kinds available in the market. They are suitable for every kind of need.

The different types of vegetable peeler amazingly offer a set of functions that you will love. There’s one for the lefties, there’s a design that’s Y-shaped, and there’s also the Lancashire peeler, which is a traditional model with a V-shaped blade.

The one specially-designed for the left-handed usually have blades that work in both directions. The Y-shaped, on the other hand, has a horizontal swivel blade that has tips in Y-shape. Although it works perfectly fine with potatoes with a swift mechanism, it not equipped with a pointed blade for removing blemishes. The Lancashire peeler, meanwhile, has a V-shaped blade as was mentioned above. It also has a narrow slot that unfortunately, clogs easily.

Another good example of a vegetable peeler is the four-sided kind, which is truly an exciting addition. It has a steel handle and measures about 18.5 centimeters in length. It promises perfect shaves every single time.

How to Choose

Now you know that there is a different kind of peeler for every different kind of need. That should make it easier for you to choose the kind that is suitable for your needs and requirements. More than the design, you should vouch for durability. The unit you must invest your hard-earned dollars for must be good enough to last you many useful functions.

Aside from durability, you should also keep watch on the mechanism. A good vegetable peeler is one with a comfortable handle. It is also equipped with a sharp blade that glides easily through your food without much effort.

A functional peeler must not only have swivel blades that follow the shape of the item you are peeling but also a pointed one that will allow you to remove blemishes easily. The central slot must also be wide enough so it will not clog and trap peelings along the way.

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