What is the Size of a Planer?


The hand planer dimensions are not standardized as brands and manufacturers use different methods for making them . Aside from competition, the size will depend on how the tool is used.

Makita KP312 Hand Planer 

The Makita KP312 has a planing depth of 1/8 inch and a planing width of 12-1/2 inches. The operating input voltage is 110 volt / 120 volt at 60 Hz. The tool utilizes 15 amps. The cutter head RPM is 12000. The tool is designed for use in log home industries and timber work. 

With the 12000 RPM and the 15 amp motor, the Makita KP312 is capable of 24000 cuts every sixty seconds. It is also capable of accurate slices. The tool also has a front roller to ensure even movement along uneven surfaces. 

General Information about Hand Planers 

The hand planer is a utility used for modifying and shaping wood. Most of the time, it is used for thinning, smoothening or flattening coarse timber. The hand planers have assorted designs, but they will all have a blade connected to the body. This is then passed over the wood to smoothen it out. The blade specifications will depend on the planer dimensions. 


Planers were invented hundreds of years ago. The early ones were created from wood. A rectangular slot was set in the body. A wood wedge was connected to the slot. This kept the blade in place. During the 1800s, cast iron hand planers were invented in the US. These would become the precursor to the modern planers.

Contemporary planers are constructed of wood, bronze or cast iron. Apart from the basic parts, these planers have other components. They include a lateral adjustment lever, tote, knob, cap iron, a depth adjustment knob, iron and lever cap. 

The Planer’s Mouth and the Other Parts 

The mouth is set at the planer’s bottom. This is where the wood shavings go through after being shaved. The iron blade has a sharp edge that slices the wood. To keep the blade in place, the lever cap is used. 

To control how the blade projects from the mouth, the adjustment knob is used. The knob is what the individual holds while utilizing the tool. 

Whatever the planer dimensions are, the device is certain to have a lateral adjustment lever. This feature lets you make adjustments to the blade. This makes it easy to smooth out the wood surface. Other parts may be included depending on the planer model. 

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