How High is Mount Jaya Wijaya?

The height of Mt Jaya Wijaya is 16,024 ft (4,884 m). Mount Jaya WijayaIt is located in Papua Province in Indneosia. It is also known as Puncak Jaya, Mount Carstensz, the Carstensz Pyramid, Carstensz Toppen and the
Gunung Sukarno. The mountain is in the Surdiman Range.

General Characteristics

At 16,024 ft it is the tallest mountain in Indonesia. It is also the tallest in Oceania. In terms of island peaks, it is the highest on the planet. Its coordinates are 4 degrees, 5’ 00” S, 137 degrees, 11’ 00” E.

Between the Andes and the Himalayas, Mt Jaya Wijaya is one of the highest mountains in the world. Although the height of Mt Jaya Wijaya is accepted as 16,024 ft, some still quote the old figure of 16,503 ft (5,003 m). Although often quoted, the newer measurement is more accepted by mountaineers.


There are numerous glaciers around the slopes of the mountain even though the peak itself is ice free. Most notable of the glaciers are the Northwall Firn and the Carstensz Glacier. Studies have shown little in the way of temperature variance the entire year. It hovers around 0.5 C.

This is hardly surprising as it is equatorial. However there is evidence that even at the height of Mt Jaya Wijaya, there is already warming. Scientists place the warming at 0.6 degrees during the last century (1850- to 1972).

Further examination showed the glaciers on Maoke and Puncak Trikor had dissipated around 1939 to 1962. Using satellite technology, researchers have determined the glaciers have been disappearing
from the other regions of the mountain as well.

Most telling the Meren Glacier completely disappeared around 1994 to the year 2000. Although the exact cause has yet to be fully determined, it is possible climate change and global warming played significant roles in its occurrence.


The local inhabitants called it the Nemangkawi. In 1623 the Dutch explorer saw the glaciers and it came to be known as the Carstensz Pyramid. While Heinrich Harrer was able to climb the mountain in 1909, the peak was not reached by climbers until 1962.

Climbing Mt Jaya Wiiajya

The height of Mt Jaya Wijaya isn’t the only thing that makes it difficult to climb; it is also the surface itself. Mountaineers need both technical training and physical endurance to make it to the summit.

The usual route taken is along the north face by the summit ridge. This area of the mountain has no glaciers; the surface is made up of rock.

Access to this area can be difficult. In most cases, a hike of 100 km will be needed to make it to the base camp. This will usually take about five days.

Moreover, access is not always possible. From 1995 to 2005 the mountain itself was closed to mountaineers and tourists. It was reopened in 2006. However permission from Indonesian tourist agencies are required to access the mountain.

The height of Mt Jaya Wijaya has made it one of the most attractive mountains in Indneosia. It has also become a site that tourist and adventurous mountaineers covet.

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