How Big is a UPS

There are different UPS sizes and capacities bang sold today. This is necessary so it can meet the needs of specific applications. Some units measure 7 x 12 x 3.3 inches. A few other units have dimensions of 10 x 14 x 2.0 inches. There are also larger models being sold.


UPS stands for uninterrupted power source or uninterrupted power supply. It is a machine that serves up power to a specified load when the power source goes out. This system should not be confused with the emergency power or auxiliary system or the standby generator. What sets it apart is that it offers near-instantaneous protection from power interruption.

In smaller units, this is made possible by electronic circuits and batteries. In high end units, flywheels or diesel generators are used.

How UPS is Used

The various UPS sizes mean they can be used for a variety of applications. Most of the time however, the apparatus is used to protect computers, electrical and telecommunications equipment.

A sudden power interruption can damage the computer or even cause injuries. Data may also be lost. With this unit in place, such
problems can be avoided.

Generally, the system is used to provide short term power relief. However, many of these systems are built to handle different kinds of problems involving power.

Aside from voltage loss, the system can be used to mange surges. A surge is a sudden voltage increase. Sudden reductions of voltage (called sag) or spikes can also be dealt with by the UPS.

Safety Features

Almost all the systems sold today will protect your system from surges and spikes. However, the length of time the apparatus can provide backup power varies. For home computers, short to medium length power outages ought to be sufficient. Many new models are created to use less power when running in normal mode.

These systems also have an auto save feature. This feature saves open files in case of an outage. Others have the capability to shut the computer down in case of a long blackout.

Other models have transformer-block spaced outlets, push-button circuit breakers and replaceable batteries. Given these facts, it is a good idea to compare the features of these devices before buying one.

Because the UPS sizes differ, it is important that you pick the right one for the electrical equipment. When you have the device at hand, make sure to follow the instructions so it is installed properly.

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