Dimensions of a Wood Router


Various wood router dimensions exist because companies have come out with different versions. Some models are 10 inches long, 8 inches wide and 6 inches high. Other units measure 8 x 6 x 4, 11 x 5.5 x 6.3 and many other sizes. 

Wood Router Facts 

The wood router is a woodworking tool used for routing or cutting ornate profile moldings and grooves into timber edges. These tools can be bench mounted or handheld. 

Versions of the tool can be plunge, fixed spindle or a combination of the two. The wood router employs different cutting bits. These can be used to machine myriad types of wood. 

General Features 

Aside from different wood router dimensions, the tool may have soft start systems or changeable speeds. The electric router is bolted on a work bench or hand operated. These tools can generate dovetail joints, square slots and various ornamental edges. 

These features can be used for construction of furniture. Modern routers will have RPMs around 8,000 to 30,000. These speeds will ensure the timber will not gouge or chip. Some routers have even higher RPMs. 

Types of Wood Routers

The basic variants are fixed spindle and the plunger or plunge. The fixed spindle routers are equipped with a set cut depth that cannot be modified. These kinds are suitable for routing tasks by the timber edges. 

The fixed spindle routers are also ideal for jobs that demand precision in depth cuts. The fixed depth wood router is the ideal choice for general usage. It is also used by DIY aficionados. 

The plunge router comes with adjustable handles so you can modify the cutting depth. These types are most applicable for deep cut applications. Using this tool, there is a slow increase at the cut depth. 

This will produce a tidier rout. The bit will not wear out as easily as well. This tool is also useful for cuts that commence in the center of the timber. 

Other Information 

Despite the name, the wood router can be used on other materials including non-ferrous metals and plastics. Because of their high speed, these tools can generate a lot of dust. They are noisy as well. Some units however, have built-in noise reduction features. 

Whatever the wood router dimensions are, always exercise caution when using it. You should wear goggles to protect your eyes from the dust. These tools are usually safe to use, but make sure to read the manual first. 

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