Sizes of Digital Cameras

Before you purchase your digital camera, there are several considerations that you should look into first to ensure that you are getting the type of camera that will best serve your purpose.

While there are several sizes of digital cameras that are readily available in the market today, you should know that with each size come different features.

Depending on the quality of the photos that you want to have, different sizes of digital cameras may also have different numbers of megapixels.

The megapixels on your digital camera will basically dictate the clarity of your photos. The higher the number of megapixels, the clearer the images will turn out.

When looking at the specs of digital cameras, the resolution will indicate the number of megapixels the camera uses.

Sizes of Digital Cameras

Sizes of digital cameras are generally broken down into three categories: Compact, Standard and Professional.

Compact Digital Cameras

Compact cameras are the portable type and are often used for recreational purposes and not for professional-looking sharp images. Megapixels of these cameras these days usually start at 2.1 megapixels up to 5.2.

Sizes of digital cameras that are highly portable, meaning you can easily slip these in your pockets; are generally around 3.56 inches in width by 0.83 inch in depth by 2.2 inches in height and weighs around .31 pounds.

These digital cameras produce photos that are not too sharp but still clear enough for sharing via electronic mail or posting in company websites, blogs or social networking sites.

Standard Digital Cameras

Standard digital cameras may be a bit bulkier than the Compact models but there are still highly portable – although these may not usually fit in your pocket. These also usually have higher megapixels than their Compact counterparts.

Sizes of digital cameras that are of the Standard model are typically around 4.2 inches in width by 3.2 inches in depth by 3.2 inches in height and weighs approximately 1 pound.

Professional Digital Cameras

Professional digital cameras are bit wider than the Standard models but as these have more features, they tend to measure more in depth and height.

For this type of digital camera, measurements generally start at 4.9 inches in width by 2.9 inches in depth by 3.8 inches in height. This also usually weighs just around one pound.

Professional digital cameras are recommended for those who are into serious photography, whether as an amateur hobbyist or as someone who is looking to start a career in photography.

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