Coaxial Cable Dimensions

Coaxial cables are used for a wide variety of electronic gadgets and components. Because they are made by different manufacturers, these cables have different properties.

Coaxial Cable Dimensions: Belkin PureAV

The Belkin PureAV cable is 25 feet long and weighs 1.2 lbs. The 75 ohm coaxial construction means the cable comes with the highest possible bandwidth. The cable gives the highest amount of isolation from radio frequency and electromagnetic interferences.

This cable is designed to outperform the cable included with your video component. The cable gives top notch connections, so the results are sharper pictures and more precise colors. The cable utilizes high-tech engineering methods and quality components, so it is durable.

This also allows the cable to provide content in their real form. The threaded cylinder covers the entire connector, ensuring its tightness.

Coaxial Cable Dimensions: Rca VH606 Rg6

The Rca VH606 Rg6 cable is 6 ft long and comes in a black color. The device can be hooked up to various video components. The cable is fitted with F connectors.

The cable works by hooking up the 75 ohm coaxial output. This is done by connecting from the antenna video recorder, cable TV satellite, etc onto the coaxial input of the television or video component.

The Rca VH606 Rg6 cable is fitted with quality insulation. This reduces the chances of signal interference occurring. This cable has a copper center conductor. The device can be used to hook up LCD TVs, network routers and cable modems. The screws are tight so it does not come off.

Coaxial Cable Dimensions: Terk RG6

The Terk RG6 is 100 ft long. This cable can be used indoors or outdoors. This cable can be used with the cable TV, UHF/VHF and DBS. The cable comes with weather resistant connectors and it is compression fitted.

The Terk RG6, RG100 and RG25 are all equipped with heavy duty jackets. These jackets contain the center conductor, braided and aluminum shielding and dielectric insulation.

This is a very resilient cable, so it can be used outdoors even in areas with extreme types of weather. The 100 ft length means the cable can be used to hook up the roof antenna all the way to your basement.

Coaxial Cable Dimensions: Monster THXV100F50

The Monster THXV100F50 is 50 ft long. The cable has 24k gold contacts. This ensures you get the best possible signal transmission. This also ensures the unit is invulnerable to corrosion.

The packing is simple, reducing the time it takes to unpack and install the unit. The bands are color coded, making it easy to use. This also limits the chances of making mistakes during lookups.

The high density double shielding allows for optimum rejection of EMI and RFI. The connectors are made from quality materials, as is the cable. Hooked properly, the cable will provide quality results.

The coaxial cable dimensions, particularly the length, will determine what type you must use. You need to get an idea of what cable length you need before you make a purchase.

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