How Big is a Gas Oven?

The size of gas ovens differ depending on the design. Some have a 3.2 cubic feet capacity while others have an oven capacity of 2.7 feet. The features of these devices also vary.

Difference from an Electric Oven

There are subtle differences between the two. These differences may not seem much, but it can affect the way food is cooked. For people who do a lot of broiling and baking, gas ovens usually prove to be more economical. This is true even with the more expensive models.

Another advantage is that they cool and heat much more rapidly than those powered by electricity. This feature is ideal for those who are in a hurry and have to bake quickly.

Heat Distribution

Aside from the size of gas ovens, heat distribution could be another point worth considering. Electric ovens are usually better at this. However, the gas variety is more adept at temperature control. Improvements in technology have also enhanced their heat distribution capabilities.

The dryness of the heat varies between models. It used to be that electrical ovens utilized more dry heat than natural gas. This meant early rusting could be avoided. But the extra moisture in gas ovens improves the quality of bread crusts.

Extra moisture prevents the bread crust from getting too brittle before the bread’s insides are cooked. This is also applicable to pies and cakes.


There is not much difference when it comes to cost. In the end, the choice comes down to a matter of personal preference. The initial purchase for gas ovens is high, but the cost of running it is lower than the electric types.


Gas and electric ovens function in a similar manner. Both can be managed electrically. A thermostat is built in both types. This should make it clear both types should not be used if there is a power outage.

Make sure that the oven you buy has fans built in. Otherwise, the food will have to be rotated frequently to ensure even cooking. Sealed burners will also make cleaning easier to do. Unsealed burners can result in food getting stuck. Instant heat changes are another benefit. Just make sure there is no gas leak.

Aside from the size of gas ovens, there are many other factors that have to be considered. The ones mentioned above are just some of them. In the end though, the choice is up to the individual.

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