Bicycle Pedal Dimensions

The pedals are definitely very important to bicycles. Each bike is comprised of two pedals, one for each foot. To propel the bikes, riders must push their feet onto the pedals to keep them moving. The faster they push the pedals, the quicker their bikes move. These parts are available in various types, the most common of which are clipless pedals and quill pedals. Furthermore, it is also interesting to know the different bicycle pedal dimensions.

The Dimensions of a Bicycle Pedal

The sizes of bike pedals vary depending on the size that riders prefer to use. The average pedal usually measure close to 11 centimeters long, 7 centimeters wide and 2.8 centimeters thick. The other types of pedals are not far away from these measurements.

Additional Facts and Other Interesting Details

Each platform pedal is characterized by the presence of a flat area where a foot can rest. On the other hand, a quill pedal has a smaller surface for the foot to rest on. Platform pedals feature a flat bottom and a flat top area, which can be used with toe straps and toe clips. Using this type of pedal, riders can enjoy greater comfort especially when used with shoes with less rigid soles. Compared to a traditional quill pedal, this one is described as more dynamic.

Riders are advised to wear special bike shoes that are compatible to pedals. By doing this, they can easily enhance the power of their down stroke. At the same time, this can also help them harness more power to their upstroke. Platform pedals are available in different types with varying prices. Some budget models are made from aluminum or steel, which may come with reflectors to enjoy safe rides even at night. Cheaper pedals are regarded as disposable because they easily wore out.

Pedals designed for mountain bikes are more expensive. These products come with replaceable cartridge bearings and metal traction pins. For downhill and free-ride cycling, exotic metals like magnesium can be used to make lightweight pedals. Many BMX and mountain bike riders consider it unsafe to install toe clips on platform pedals.

Quill pedals feature cages, where toe clips can be attached. They come in three different types, namely touring, road and track pedals. Tourist pedals are the widest amongst the three, which can be used comfortably with non-racing shoes. Road pedals are a bit wide as well. However, each of these has a U-shaped cage arranged sideways. The narrowest pedals amongst these three main types are the track pedals.

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