How Big is a Bird Feeder?

A bird feeder is a special kind of contraption placed in strategic locations around the garden, by the patio or at the front or backyard to attract various small birds. This may come in a tube style and this may also come in a tray type of feeder.

Generally, when you talk about bird feeders, what comes into mind are those feeders that are for bird seeds. A hummingbird feeder is different from a seed type feeder because hummingbird feeders are for sugar solutions and not seeds.

How Big is a Bird Feeder?

You may best answer “How big is a bird feeder?” by looking at the style of the feeder first. Tube feeders are typically longer and narrower than the tray type feeders.

Tube, Elongated Type Bird Feeders

For “How big is a bird feeder?” of the tube design, these are usually indicated as Mini and Regular.

For a Mini bird feeder, you can find this in the following size specifications: 3.9 inches in width by 3.9 inches in diameter by 11.5 inches in height. This can weigh about one and one-half pounds.

A Regular bird feeder on the other hand, can measure around 4 inches in width by 4 inches in diameter by 20 inches in height. There is another size here that has the same width and diameter and is just about an inch higher.

Another type of bird feeder is the elongated one, not necessarily tube-shaped but rather like a rectangular contraption.

How Big is a Bird Feeder of this Variety?

A rectangular bird feeder can measure approximately 9.8 inches in length by 9.1 inches in width by 12.8 inches in height. This one weighs a little over two and one-half pounds.

Tray Type Bird Feeders

The tray type bird feeder is usually shaped like a birdhouse and comes with a compartment for the seeds plus a tray with or without partitions for the seeds.

For “How big is a bird feeder?” of the tray model, this one may come in specifications of 10.5 inches in width by 12.5 inches in length by 5.75 inches in height.

Another size of this type of bird feeder comes in measurements of about 11 inches in width by 14 inches in length by 9 inches in height.

All of these bird feeders may either be hung from a chain or a rod; or they may also be perched atop posts.

They also come in a variety of colors, the most common of which are red and green; giving you options as to the color that will blend well with the décor around your yard.

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