How Big is a Crock Pot?

Using a crock pot or slow cooker is nothing short of pure joy-that is if you love slow cookers. Those who truly love these kitchen tools will definitely try to make their own recipes. And that is where people run into this certain roadblock. How do you know if you have a cock pot that is big enough and what the standard size is?

Crock Pot Standard Sizes

We all know that there are crock pots of various sizes. Well, manufacturers of these slow cookers have created these pots in many different sizes imaginable. The idea is to make different sized pots to fit the requirements of different people. The fact is that not everybody wants a really huge pot to cook their favorite food in.

If you ask manufacturers if there is a standard size for these pots, the answer you will get will become a bit of a surprise. There really isn’t a standard for the sizes of these pots. That basically, covers a lot of the major questions. But that doesn’t solve the original problem. So, we turn to the stores and see what the average size pot would be like.

There are actually three common sizes of these pots in stores if you care to look. There are four quart pots, six quart pots, and seven quart pots. They are sold in various colors, material, designs, and have pretty much the same features as any other pot of this type may have.

A four quart pot will be great for serving around four to five people. A six quart pot on the other hand will be enough to cook food that will serve a group of six or seven. Then again, the seven quart slow cooking pot will be great when serving up to nine people on the dinner table, which is also great for cookouts and small gatherings.

Some people may wonder if there is a crock pot that is smaller or even larger than the standard sizes. Manufacturers were happy to oblige by making 16 ounce slow cooker pots that’s just perfect in case you’re thinking of making dips. It’s also a good option if you’re cooking up lunch for your kids.

Note that these are the most common sizes out in stores today. However, it should be noted that customers will be sure to find other sizes as well. There are slow cooker pots that are actually larger than the seven quart sized variants. Another interesting type of slow cooker also works as a roaster that you can throw in the oven. All it takes is a quick run to the store or just looking through a catalog to find a unique looking crock pot of a different size.

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