BNC Tool Dimensions

The BNC tool dimensions differ. The length of some tools is 12 inches, while others are 8 inches. Oftentimes the size will depend on what the tool is for (crimping, extracting etc).

How to Crimp BNC Connectors

Required Tools and Materials

  • Heat shrink heater or hair dryer
  • Heat shrink tubing
  • Wire cutters
  • Wire strippers
  • Knife
  • BNC connector crimping utility

Step 1

Place the strain relief parts, heat shrink or other protective components on the cable. The next step is to slide the crimp ferrule in the cable.

Step 2

Use the wire cutter or wire stripper to strip the foil shield. The center insulator should be stripped too based on the lengths indicated by the BNC connector. Slice the center conductor to the length needed to fit the center connector pin into place. The BNC connector components can be used to gauge the appropriate distances.

Step 3

Put the connector’s center pin in the die on the crimping utility. Seal the tool just enough to keep it in place. Whatever the BNC tool dimensions are, make sure that the pin is properly set at the die. Otherwise it won’t crimp.

Step 4

Set the cable center conductor in the pin. To crimp, squeeze the tool. Next, set the cable assembly in the body of the BNC connector. Make certain the center pin goes through and is seated in the correct position.

Step 5

Spread the shield uniformly along the connector body’s support sleeve. Cut off any excess trim using the wire cutters. Cut enough so the ends are flush to the body of the connector.

Step 6

The next step is to side the ferrule over the shield. Make certain it is tight against the body of the connector.

Step 7

Put the ferrule in the die on the BNC tool that is suited for the connector. Compress the tool handles to create the crimp. The metal flash at the sides should not concern you; it is normal.

Step 8

Put in the heat shrink or other protective device on the body of the connector. Heat it accordingly.

Tips and Warnings

Always refer to the BNC cable tool manual for details on how to use it. If you are experimenting, it is best if you have another cable around. Double check the measurements so you don’t make mistakes during the process.

Whatever the BNC tool dimensions you use, remember that heat shrink tubes are sold in various hues. This is for color classification purposes.

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