Notebook Dimensions

The sizes of notebooks are very diverse, with compact versions, medium sized and larger editions available. Some of the sizes you will see are 6 x 9-1/2, 9.5 X 6 In, 7″ x 5″ and 8 1/2in. x 11in. The notebook is also known as a legal pad, drawing pad, writing pad and notepad. The term notebook is also applied to some computer programs and laptops.


The notebook can be used in many ways. These include scrapbooking, drawing and writing. Artists and illustrators frequently use big notebooks. The wide spaces make them suitable for drawing and sketching.

The legal pads are often used by lawyers for taking down notes. The legal paper is lined and is often yellow in color. The lines are sometimes categorized based on the space distribution. The farthest is the wide rule, followed by the college rule, legal rule and narrow rule. The narrower the spacing, the more lines can be put in.

Other Types of Notebooks

The types and sizes of notebooks often reflect the way they are used. Composition books (notebooks attached to a pasteboard backing) are often used by students for essays and exams. These are also known as exam books or blue books.

Small, handheld notebooks are preferred by journalists (hence the term reporters’ notebooks). These are handy for making shorthand notes. Lab notebooks are graphed so scientists will have an easier time making graphs.

Policemen have police notebooks; they use it to take down notes while working. Field books are used by land surveyors; these are hard-bound and made specifically for heavy duty work.

Covers and Binding

There are many types of binding including pressure, sewn, comb, spiral, perfect and padding. The binding used will determine if the notebook will open flat or if the pages will remain stuck.

The material used is usually different from the surface. Usually the cover is stiffer, firmer and decorated. The spiral bound notebooks are less expensive than the others.

Some notebooks use glue to hold the papers together. Many notebooks today have perforations so removing a page is easier. Pages in spiral notebooks can be removed, but it will leave some strips on the notebook. The disc bound pages are more easily adjustable.

The sizes of notebooks are not standardized; that is, they can come in various forms. Assessing the dimensions can be even more confusing because the term notebook is now applied to computer software and laptop computers.

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