Big Steel Keg Dimensions

The charcoal grill Big Steel Keg dimensions are 27 by 44 by 46 inches. The grill is shaped like a barrel. The cooking space is approximately 450 square inches.


The grill is designed for heavy duty work. Even if used on a daily basis, it will continue to produce quality results. Thanks to its size, you will be able to grill a lot of food. The shape provides convection-style cooking. The Keg has a double-walled cast iron body. There is also a smooth, baked-on enamel finish on the interior. The grill also has a thermometer. It is right on the lid.

Because of this set up, you will have no problems monitoring the temperature. If you grill a lot of food, the removable trays will come in handy. Even with the immense Big Steel Keg dimensions, it is very easy to handle. This is because of the easy-grip handles. This makes the grill effortless to hold. The handles also remain cool.

More Features

The grill also has a bottle opener included. There are upper and lower grill grates which are adjustable and removable. This allows you to extend the menu and cooking surface. The bottom and top sections have numbered dampers. These features make it easy to manage cooking speed and time.

Airflow is easy to control as well. It is also possible to turn off the air and use the charcoals for other sessions. The grill also has a mesh used to keep ashes and embers contained. The foundation is built of steel. It comes with large rubber wheels. This feature makes moving the grill easy. The wheels are designed so they can be used on a variety of surfaces.

Other Information

All of these Kegs have their own grill cover and multipurpose tool. Because it is robustly built, there no need to worry about it getting cracks from extended use. You can use it to cook brisket and burgers, chicken and many others. The device allows you to grill slow and at different degrees. It is versatile enough so you can prepare steaks at 750 degrees. Thanks to its design, you can expect it not to have too much variance.

In spite of the Big Steel Keg dimensions, it doesn’t use a lot of fuel. The included tables can also be removed easily, saving you space. These grills are also easy to clean up and there are no special maintenance techniques needed to keep grill in good condition.

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