RJ-45 Dimensions


RJ45 cable dimensions are as varied as those of other cables (3 ft, 10 ft etc). However, it should be noted that the term RJ45 used to refer to a telephony standard. Today it refers almost exclusively to computer networking. By using an RJ45 cable you will be able to hook up to networks easily. 

How to Make an RJ45 Cable 

You will need a Cat 5 cable, RJ45 crimping tool, RJ45 modular jacks and scissors. The cable length is up to you. 

Step 1

Put the Cat 5 cable end into the RJ45 crimping tool wire stripping part. Put in an inch of cable. Slice only the wire coating. The wires should not be touched. To ensure the wires don’t get cut, don’t close the crimping utility entirely. Depending on the RJ45 cable dimensions, this may take a while. 

Step 2

Remove the wire twists. Arrange them in this order from left to right: green white, green, orange white, blue, blue white, orange, brown white, brown. The order has to be the same for the other ends of the cable. Straighten the wires and make certain they’re of the same length. If necessary, trim the wires with scissors. 

Step 3

Place the wires in the RJ45 modular jack. The flat side has to face you; the hook side facing down. Put all the wires into jack. The wires should make contact with the jack’s top. 

Step 4

After checking the RJ45 cable dimensions, double check the wire order. Make sure they don’t twist out of order. If there are exposed wires at the jack’s base, pull the cables and slice the edges so there will be nothing exposed. 

Step 5

Put the modular jack into the bigger jack. Press the tool until you hear a pop. Pull out the jack and cable off the tool. Repeat the steps for the other side. 


Cut the cables about 3 inches longer than you need it to be. Even if it is too long, you can always cut it out. Unless the wire colors are arranged properly, it will not work. 

Note that there are different types of RJ45 cables available. If you want to set up a computer network, the crossover RJ45 cable has to be used. Double check your requirements to avoid mistakes. 

If you want to use the cable for networking devices, a straight RJ45 cable is necessary. The RJ45 cable dimensions must also be considered carefully.

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