Sander Dimensions


Various belt sander sizes are available. If you shop online you will see that some measure 3 x 24 niches. There are also units that come in at 3 x 21 inches and 3 x 22 inches. 

Facts about the Belt Sander 

This is an electronic version of the manual tool used for sanding wood. Because it is electronic, a lot of the sanding work involved is reduced. The sander is made up of many components. The major part is the motor that powers the circular belt. Design wise, it is similar to the treadmill. 

Sandpaper is sliced so it is long enough to fit the belt surface. The belt will begin turning after the motor is switched on. Whatever the sander size used, the device can be set on uneven wood surfaces. It will be able to sand the whole area in rapid fashion. This can be dome without manual circular movement or the application of pressure. 


The belt sander is a staple in woodworking shops because of its versatility. It can be used to strip paint from wood furniture. The sander can also finish off wood. Like traditional sanders, the tool can smooth out corners and edges. These capabilities also mean it can be used for various household tasks. 

Noise Levels 

The noise level of sanders varies; some are quiet and others are noisy. If the sander is too loud, you should wear ear plugs. But many modern sanders have built in features that reduce the noise. 

Dust Collection

You should also look for a belt sander that can gather dust. This makes your job easier and the working environment cleaner. More importantly it will protect the lungs. 

Hand Positioning

Hands that are too close to one another can be difficult to use. There are also users who prefer the staggered position than the in-line. The reason is it gives them more control. 

Other Considerations for Buyers 

A belt sander with variable speeds can be advantageous. The tool should also have a sturdy release lever. A solid lever will let you use the device for several years without breaking down. The tracking control is also vital; this feature keeps the front roller aligned so the belt is in position. 

The sander size, power and features will determine the unit’s price. If you are going to buy one, it’s a good idea to look at different websites and home improvement stores. 

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