How Big is a Hiking Pole?

Hiking pole sizes can be extended most of the time. Some poles are 26 inches long and can be drawn up to 54 inches. Others are shorter. Few exceed 54 inches in length. These are also known as trekking poles. They are used by hikers when navigating rough terrain.


The sticks look like ski poles when you use them. Like the ski counterpart, the trekking pole has wrist straps, rubber-padded handles and baskets down the bottom. The difference is the trekking pole is comprised of three parts.

Only a few are made from a single piece. They can also be extended or shortened. Some can be retracted to such an extent it can fit in your pocket. There are also poles with spring loaded parts. These can help you navigate. The drawback is the additional weight.

Composition and Use

Regardless of the hiking pole sizes, these are almost always built from carbon fiber or aluminum. These poles are derived from the standard walking stick. Today these are utilized by hikers to remain steady while walking. On uneven surfaces, these provide extra support.

They can be used on even surfaces as well. On steep grounds, they can make walking easier. These poles can also assist people who are climbing rocks. These same instruments can also check water or mud depth. Some trekkers use one long pole and one short on steep grounds. These helps even the surface. These same poles can be utilized as tent poles.

Types of Poles

The antishock poles have springs inside that function as shock absorbers. This feature is handy when going downhill. In most poles, this element can be turned off. The antishock feature can help those who have weak or injured knees. The regular poles are the most inexpensive. They are also very light.

The poles provide balance but there is no antishock element. The compact poles have smaller grips. They are also shorter. These are designed for women and shorter people. The small size makes them easier to pack and carry around. Some fancy poles even have a camera included.


The grip design varies from manufacture to manufacturer. Test several models until you can find the right one. Some prefer the angled type while others opt for grips that go to the shaft.

The adjustable hiking pole sizes means it is easy to find the right length. They are also durable, so you can use them for a very long time.

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