VW Combi Dimensions

Its distinctive appearance and design made the Volkswagen Combi or Type 2 very trendy during the 1960s counterculture movement. Even today, the early models are still very much sought by collectors.

VW Combi Dimensions: the Type 2 T1

The T1 was in production from 1950-1967 in the US and Europe. Its engines are the 1131 cc 25 hp H4, 1.5L 42 hp H4, 1.2L 30 hp H4 and the 1192 cc 36 hp H4. Called the Microbus, the engine measures 1,131 cubic centimeters (or 69.0 cu in). Later models began using a slightly larger engine (1,192 cubic centimeters; 72.7 cu in) with 30 brake horsepower.

The early models also have 16 in (406 mm) wheels, while the latter ones employ 15 in (381 mm) types. In 1962, a larger Transporter version came out that feature a cargo capacity of 1 ton (1,000 kg). The early ones have a capacity of 750 kg (1,653 lb).

VW Combi Dimensions: the Type 2 T2

The T2 has a wheelbase measuring 2,400 mm (94.5 in). It is 4,505 mm (177.4 in) long, 1,720 mm (67.7 in) wide and 2,040 mm (80.3 in) high. The engines are the 1.6L 48 hp H4, 1.6L 50 hp H4, 1.7L 66 hp H4, 1.8L 68 hp H4 and the 2.0L 70 hp H4. The transmission is 3-speed automatic / 4-speed manual.

It was in production from August 1967-July 1979 in the US and Europe. It is still in production in Brazil. Unlike previous models, the T2 features half shaft axles with CV joints. The 1971 Type 2 uses dual intake ports on the cylinder with a 50 DIN hp rate.

VW Combi Dimensions: T3

Also known as the Volkswagen Transporter, it has a wheelbase measuring 2,461 mm (96.9 in). The length is 4,569 mm (179.9 in), the width is 1,844 mm (72.6 in) and the height is 1,928 mm (75.9 in). The engines are 1.6 L (air-cooled) F4, 1.9 L (water-cooled) F4, 2.1 L (water-cooled) F4, 2.0 L (air-cooled) F4 and 1.6 L (diesel) I4.

The T3 has the transaxle and the internal combustion engine positioned low at the rear. Compared with the Type 2, the T3 comes with modern amenities like power door locks, air conditioning and power steering.

VW Combi Dimensions: T4

The T4 1991-97 models are 4,740 mm (186.6 in) long, while the 1998-2003 models are 4,788 mm (188.5 in). They are 1,839 mm (72.4 in) wide. The 1991-97 models are 1,920 mm (75.6 in) high, while the 1991-93 CV are 1,900 mm (74.8 in) high.

The 1994-97 CV are 1,971 mm (77.6 in) high and the 1999-2003 models are 1,941 mm (76.4 in) high. The T4 models are the first of the Combi to have front engines. The T4 was in production until 2003, for a total of 14 years in the market.

The VW Combi dimensions and specs of the early models lacked the features of newer vans. However, their innovative look that made them huge during the 1960s and 70s still makes them attractive to aficionados.

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