Three Point Sling Sizes

There are many different three point sling sizes. While many are 1 1/2” wide, others can be wider or narrower. The colors of the sling also vary, although black is quite popular. 
What is the Sling?
The sling is a strap that permits someone to carry a gun. Using the strap, the person will have an easier time holding the firearm. The sling can also help in terms of improving shooting accuracy. There are many kinds of slings; the three point variant is just one of them. 
Advantages of the Three Point Sling 
The biggest advantage of this type of sling is that it works like a harness. This means it is strapped to the person. This permits the individual to utilize their hands to perform other duties. With the three point sling, you don’t have to worry about dropping the gun. The sling also makes the firearm more accessible. 
The three point sling sizes differ, but the material used is usually cordura or something like it. This is looped on the torso. A couple of straps are on the rear and front of the firearm. The three point refers to the individual’s body, rear and front of the gun. 
There are at least half a dozen ways to use the three point sling to don a long firearm. One of the ways is called the "Military Patrol Ready". Using this setup, an individual can maintain the firearm on the hip. This configuration allows one to shoot for extended periods without succumbing to fatigue. It is also a comfortable setup. 
Potential Drawbacks
Some people don’t like to use this sling with the AR-15 style carbine. One of the problems is that it may hang on load bearing utilities. Some right-handed people also report that it has a tendency to interfere with controls. In the case of a left-handed individual, it might get in the way of the ejection. 
The Two Point Sling 
This is the traditional setup. It has a couple of connection points that link the rear and front of the gun. It permits one to carry the firearm over their back. The sling is set across the torso. It is above the shoulder or along the neck. 
While there are many three point sling sizes, the specs mentioned above should be sufficient for most people. However, some prefer the old two point style. The choice is up to you. 

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