What is the Size of a Bear Deterrent?

There are many different bear deterrent sizes but almost all are measured in oz. The most common sizes are between 7 to 10 oz. There are bigger sprays available too.


These sprays are designed to prevent a bear from assaulting you. These are more reliable than guns. The spray will not kill the bear, but it causes pain and will force them to retreat. In fact, research shows that it is more successful than firearms in deterring grizzlies.


These sprays are somewhat like pepper sprays but much stronger. Sold in canisters, these are good for up to 30 feet distance. The effect lasts for 20 to 30 seconds.

Other Information

The canister will provide instructions on its usage. Follow it to the letter so you avoid injuries. Besides the bear deterrent sizes, check if the spray is approved by the EPA. If it is not, that is a fake.

A fake canister will not protect you from bears, so stay away from them. When you are in bear country, keep the spray handy. Do not bury it in your bag. Some sprays have hip holsters so they are easy to get.

Tips for Buyers

Buy these sprays from reputable stores. This will assure you that the product meets the government standards. Second, read the product specifications. How strong is it? It should be near the limits allowed by the EPA. Third, how heavy is it? You want a small but powerful spray.

Using the Deterrent Properly

The first thing you should do is read the creature’s body language. If it makes no move towards you, let it pass. If it makes aggressive moves, grab your spray carefully. If the bear charges, spray it. Be careful of the wind though; if it is blowing at you, the spray will end up in your face.

Why Sprays are Better than Guns

Number one, it removes the need to kill the animal. Second, a large, angry bear will need at least a 38 to kill it. Even then you will need several shots. Guns also require aiming. It can be difficult to do when there is a 600 pound grizzly charging. Reloading a gun takes time, but the spray does not.

The standard bear deterrent sizes will be sufficient to force a bear into retreat. With luck you don’t ever have to use it. But it is best to have one when you are in their territory.

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