Dimensions of a Newspaper Stand

If you’re planning to sell some newspapers to the public, it would be a must for you to know some of the dimensions of a newspaper stand that would be able to hold the local papers you wish to market.

Various dimensions of a newspaper stand can be found in numerous stores.

With a powder coating surface, a good newspaper stand from China has dimensions of about 890 by 700 to 2000 by 1100. Also by China, there is another stand offered with dimensions of about 600 by 300 by 1060. These dimensions seem to be two of the most popular measurements that many choose to buy.

Another brand of newspaper stand may also give you measurements of around 1850 for its width, 1175 for the height and around 450mm for the depth. However, a price of around 5600 in USD may prove to be a bit expensive for some potential buyers like you.

If you look around some more, you may even find a newspaper stand model with about 4 pieces of aluminum newspaper holders in size 888. Its dimensions may give you 640 by 350 by 880 mm for the overall measurements. This model may come with carton dimensions of around 96.5 by 42 by 23 in centimeters.

A number of stores – both online and offline – may also give you a couple of choices. One model would be referred to as the ASO2 with dimensions of 1300 (h) by 490 (w) by 350 (d) and may come with nylon clips and two aluminum rod shelves measuring around 6mm and an upstand. Another model that may be offered to you by the same shop may be referred to as the ASO1 with similar dimensions as the first but comes with angled UHI shelves and an upstand. And the third choice, referred as the CSO1, would have dimensions of around 120 by 480 by 370. The third choice may give you a flat aluminum shelve and nylon clips.

Stands for newspapers and magazines may also come in an acrylic finish with measurements for the width around 420 mm, the height at its rear would be set at 150mm, and the diameter would be around 320mm.

Those measurements don’t stop there. There are still more.

As such, you may find some racks with overall measurements set around 35 by 30.5 by 60 in centimeters. Others may show you measurements around 44 inches for the height, around 34 inches for the weight, and around 16 inches for the diameter. The list goes on.

It seems like a handful. And choosing may be really difficult. But if you know what you want in terms of its usage, choosing the dimensions of a newspaper stand may prove to be easier.

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