Sweater Sizes for Babies

For sweater sizes for babies, a lot of parents choose to do their own knitting handiwork to add that special touch.If you would like to join in on the fun, ample knowledge on what particular sizes to follow is important.

Knitting your child’s sweaters is not really that hard to learn. In fact, a typical pattern for sweater sizes for babies are based on month intervals with regards to the particular developmental stages a baby would go through. That is why you need to take note of the current age of your baby before doing the work.

Basically, the intervals come in at zero (0) to three (3) months, three (3) to six (6) months, and around six (6) to nine (9) months.

For the Zero to Three Months Old

Typical measurements for the zero to three months may have sizes of around twenty (20) to twenty two (22) for the chest measurement. Materials used for knitting may include around four (4) or six (6) ounces of baby yarn, size H (or equivalent to 5 mm) for the crochet hook, and the optional addition of around three (3) small buttons. If you’re a bit confused with those measurements, you may pattern your work, and make a sweater and pants set with around 11 by 10 by 2 inches for its dimensions. It may be best to use a cotton material so it would be soft on your child’s skin.

For the Three to Six Months Old

For babies who are already in the three to six months period, the dimensions that you have to follow may be set at around 8 and 1/2 inches by 11 inches. Chest measurement may be around 20 but 22 or 24 may also be used. The length of the sleeve may be set at around 6, 6.5 or 7.

For the Six to Nine Months Old

Dimensions for babies at six to nine months of age may be around 12.3 by 10.8 by 3.3 in inches. Or, you may find that following the measurements at around 15 by 11 by 0.5 inches would be fine for your child.

Some Differences to Take Note of

With those typical measurements for the three-month developmental stages of your child in your mind, things would be easier. However, some parents find that they may have to adjust things by adding or cutting a little off of the measurements. This may be because of the actual body size – in length and weight – of your child (regardless of the baby’s age bracket) is also another important thing to consider.

As such, what would you do if you find out that your baby actually weighed around fifteen or sixteen pounds with a body length of around twenty two inches? Don’t hesitate to change things when this happens. Some adjustments may be necessary depending on certain situations – and the length and weight of your baby’s body should be taken into account.

Once again, you have to remember that different sweater sizes for babies may differ because of the current age of your child or certain body measurements that your child has at that time. So be sure that you have checked these things before you start knitting.

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