End Mill Dimensions

The end mill is a device used in a milling apparatus. The milling machine is an equipment used in metal working to take out material off a metal block. This will be used to make one whole. The end mill is one of those utilities used for making cuts.

End Mill Dimensions

This will vary according to the manufacturer standards. Some end mills will have a pilot diameter of K12:2 to 8 mm while the body is H9:8 to 25 mm. The maximum length is 52 to 103 and the minimum length is 48 to 97.

The pilot length is 3.3 to 11.5 inches and the minimum is 2.5 to 10.1. However, the specifications of these machines can also be customized so they will vary.

Other Facts about End Mills

These mills are available in single and double ended types. The single-ended type has a single working end. The opposite end is an even shank. It is used for holding the end mill within the tooling holder. The double ended variety comes with two working ends. If one end gets dull, the other one may be used.


The end mills are constructed from carbide steel. The cutting surface makeup can differ, but many are composed of carbides. Whatever the end mill dimensions may be, it isn’t uncommon for the devices to be layered with some titanium nitrate.

This coating has a golden color that keeps metal chips being taken off from getting stuck on the equipment. If these get stuck, the machine will deteriorate quickly. Aside from the different sizes, the end mill shapes vary also. Many end mills resemble the drill bit.


While used primarily for drilling holes, the end mill can be used in other ways. In wood working, the device can resemble the router. The end mill can be used to slice blind holes, create flat edges and make grooves. The end mill can also be used to create holes in materials.

Another way to use the end mill is to create cylinders. They can also be made to make square posts. An end mill used with the milling machine has numerous other functions. If you are going to buy one of these, don’t forget to check the radius.

Aside from the end mill dimensions, you should also check the other components. If you are going to work with aluminum, get a two flute end mill. If finishing steel, the four-flute will be sufficient.

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