How big is a 2 Car Garage


If you are thinking of having a garage built on your property, there are several factors to consider. If you will be starting from scratch, you may need to undertake steps similar to building your home such as preparing the lot, staking to mark the exact spot and dimensions of your garage, laying down the foundation and such.
In some cases, extensive clearing and excavation may be necessary as well. 
How Big is a 2 Car Garage?
Before you can determine the exact dimensions of your 2 car garage, there are basically three things that you need to consider. First, there’s the location of your garage.
Some garages are built at the back area of the house while others are built alongside the house. The latter is the most common location of a garage. Secondly, what is the size of your cars? 
Sedans require smaller spaces while trucks and SUVs require wider and longer spaces. Finally, will the garage be merely built to house your cars or do you need storage space or a work station perhaps?
All things considered, a typical 2 car garage with just the basics would roughly measure about 20 x 20 feet. This will give you enough room for your cars as well as room to move around in but not much else.
Even if you have sedans at the moment or any other small-sized car, it still recommended that you build your garage up to the maximum size that you can afford. This will give you a buffer in case you want to upgrade your small cars to trucks or SUVs.
To give you enough storage space in the garage, the recommended minimum dimensions are 24 x 24 feet. 
Garage Door Heights
One very important factor that must not be overlooked is the height of the garage doors. Again, depending on the sizes of your cars, garage door heights vary. A typical 2 car garage door would be about seven feet in height.
You may also have your garage doors measured up to eight feet high, nine feet, twelve, fourteen, sixteen and up to eighteen feet high. If you are building your garage alongside your house, make sure that it does not go over the height of your house as this may not look aesthetically appealing.
The widths of the doors depend on the width of your garage. You can customize your garage size including the doors if you are building the garage from scratch. However, if you are going with a Do-It-Yourself garage kit, standard measurements apply. 

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