Puree Sieve Dimensions


The puree sieve is a kitchen tool used for sieving and mashing soft food. This utensil is also known as a food mill, passe-vite, mouli légumes, moulinette and passatutto. 

Size of the Puree Sieve 

The dimensions are quite varied. The Paderno World Cuisine puree sieves measures 7.9 x 7.9 x 3 inches. Another Paderno World Cuisine food mill measures 9.5 x 9.5 x 3.5 inches. There are other food mills that have different measurements. 


While the dimensions of the food mill vary, the makeup is usually the same. The average food mill is made up of three parts. There is a bottom plate or bowl with orifices similar to those on the colander. 

There is also a crank outfitted with a steel blade. The blade is used to mash the food. After the food is crushed, it is sent through the holes. This is made possible by the turning of the crank. The bottom component may be fixed. Or there could be detachable plates with various holes that may be applied. 

While the size of the puree sieve varies, most of them have 3 feet on the base. In a few models a couple of ears on the rim and a handle are used. These are set on the pot’s rim. Many of the puree sieves are made of aluminum or stainless steel. The bowl is often made of plastic. 


The food mill can be used for taking out pulp from food and getting rid of cooked tomatoes’ seeds. You can also use the puree sieve to make apple jelly. They can also be utilized to make mashed potatoes. 

How to Buy a Food Mill 

There are many factors that need to be considered besides the size of the puree sieve. However, the following can make choosing easier to do. 

The first is to buy one with interchangeable discs. These discs will allow you to conduct other functions more easily. The more discs you have, the more versatile the utensil will be. As stated the size will matter a lot. 

If you don’t make a lot of big meals, it makes no sense to get a very large bowl. But if you prepare a lot of food, make sure the food mill’s bowl isn’t too shallow. If it is, food will spill out when you use it. Another benefit of using a big bowl is you can use it to mix lots of food. With a small bowl you will have to keep refilling it. 

When it comes to construction, the all metal types are the best choice. In terms of quality and durability, stainless steel is the best option. If you cannot afford it, those made of aluminum are a good option. The plastic ones are the cheapest, but they are not durable. 

While the size of the puree sieve is important, you must also make sure the unit will be easy to assemble. Reading some online reviews can help you determine the quality of the product. Nowadays you can buy these from the retail stores and online. 

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