How Big are Paper Towels?

Every product in the market is provided in many different dimensions and specs, in order to provide a suitable function for every kind of individual. That is also true, even when it comes to paper towels.

In the United States of America, the question how big are paper towels may be answered with a couple of different statements. If you talk about the standards, the common size for paper towels in 11 x 11 inches with about 60 sheets. Some are smaller and bigger depending on the brand, the number of sheets or plies, and absorbency capacity.

When buying paper towels according to size, there are a couple of factors to consider.

First is for what purpose you will use it. If you intend to use it for small things, you will need a smaller sized variety with many sheets. Small uses like wiping this and that would require about a sheet per job. If you need paper towels for wiping large spills, you will need a bigger size so you will not need a couple of sheets per job.

Second is for the capacity of your holder. Your paper towel holder can hold a specific size and a specific number of sheets at a time. It is best, of course, that you make sure that your tissue holder and your paper towel agree in size.

Third is the price. Paper towels are priced differently according to the brand and size. Make sure that you examine carefully where you put your hard-earned dollars. The standard size may appear cheaper than a smaller size but that might only because the former has fewer sheets than the latter. Check the specs carefully and see with which quality brand you can save a bigger amount of money.

Going Green

Although using paper towels is pretty convenient for a lot of people, it must be remembered that using it in large quantities may be hurtful to the environment. In the long run, it will also prove to be expensive.

So make sure to use paper towels only when nothing else is available. At home, with several cloth towels at hand, use them instead of paper towels, which you will just throw away. For small things to wipe, it is also advisable that you reuse your paper towels instead of just throwing them into the trash can after each job. Also, it is ideal that you choose a brand that manufactures from recycled materials. You can see the mark that will tell you it is made of recycled content when you peek through the package.

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