What is the Size of a Hatchet?

There are several hatchet dimensions to choose from. Online you will see some that are 16.6 x 5.8 x 1.1 inches, while other models are 18 x 6 x 2 inches. Before you buy one, understanding some facts about the tool will be necessary.


This tool is like an ax except it is smaller. Its compact size means you can use it with just one hand. The handle is typically half the length of the average ax. The tool can be utilized in many ways.

For example, it can be used in various small cutting jobs. They are frequently used to slice limbs and shrubs. The tool is best known for woodcutting. Through the years however, it has been used in other ways.

Common Usage

These tools were once used as a weapon. They can also be used in some home chores. For instance the tool can be utilized for cutting kindling sections in smaller parts. They can also slice through small wood sections.

In the past, various hatchet dimensions were used for slicing deer carcass cartilage. The diverse tool sizes were used for killing and hunting animals.

Because the tool can be handled with one hand, it can be used easily as a weapon. With enough practice, the tool can be utilized the same way as a knife. The tool is also included in some camping gear. It is handy when you are in the woods. The compact size means it is easy for campers to carry.

Other Information

Buyers should examine other aspects besides the hatchet dimensions. Avoid those cheap tools that break easily and dull quickly. The high quality type will have even weight distribution, an ultra-sharp edge and sophisticated blade geometry. Durability is the number one factor. If you are going to use it continuously, it must be durable.

Safety Reminders

The tool should be well designed. Make certain that the blade will not come off the handle. If you strike it hard enough, some poorly made models will cause the blade to fly off. Of course you want a blade that is very sharp. Remember that this is not an ax, so don’t expect it to do things that the ax can.

Again, you need the tool to be as tough as possible. A heavy-duty hatchet is bound to cost more than the average. However, it will last a long time. The high quality types will have a warranty that lasts for many years.

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