Biggest Lego Castle

The biggest Lego castle ever made measures 4.45 m x 5.22 m. It was built using more than 400,000 Lego bricks. The Lego sets were first sold in 1978. Over 100 castle sets are currently available.

Castle (1978–1983)

The first set released is called Castle. The set is often referred to as Yellow Castle owing to its color. Following its release in 1978, numerous figures were released. They include Knight's Joust/Knight's Tournament, Knight's Procession, Castle Mini Figures and Castle Figures.

Black Falcons (1984-1992)

This set features more realistic castles, owing to their grey color. New pieces were also included such as feather plumes and helmet visors.

Among the figures that were also released during this period were the Supply Wagon, Black Knight's Treasure, Battle Dragon and Jousting Knights. Also released were the Catapult, Knight's Castle, Black Falcon's Fortress and many more.

Crusaders (1984-1992)

The Crusader sets features the King’s Castle, one of the biggest Lego castles ever made. It includes four horses and a dozen knights.

Other Lego Castle Sets

Numerous sets were later released. These include the Forestmen (1987–1990), Black Knights (1988–1994), Wolfpack Renegades (1992–1993) and the Dragon Masters (1993–1995).

Other sets released include the Royal Knights (1995–1996), Dark Forest (1996), Fright Knights (1997–1998) and Knights' Kingdom (2000). This was followed by the Knights' Kingdom (2000) and Castle (2007–2009).

Kingdoms 2010 is the latest castle theme. Released in June 2010, the set focuses more on medieval castle themes rather than the fantasy concepts of Castle (2007–2009).

Origin of Lego

Lego was invented by Ole Kirk Christiansen, a Danish carpenter. He began making Lego in 1932. Two years later, the Lego company was formed. The word Lego is taken from the Danish term leg godt. It is translated as “play well”. It would exapnd rapidly around the world.

As of 2010, the company declared they were constructing 19 billion play elements every year. That translates to 36,000 pieces every minute.

The procedure requires the plastic to be heated to a temperature of 449.6 Fahrenheit (232 C). This is then placed in molds. It is cooled for seven seconds. The pieces are then removed. The quality control is so strict only 18 pieces per 1 million fail to make the cut.
In spite of the emergence of other toys, Lego remains very popular. It has become a passionate hobby for many, so it probably won’t be long before the title of the biggest Lego castle is challenged again.

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